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Detox diets come and go in popularity. The Youth Fountain debunks three of the most common detox diet myths and offers alternatives for a healthier life.

Three Dangerous Detox Diet Myths Debunked

We’ve all seen stories on the news or posts on the Internet about the latest and greatest detox diet that promises to rid your body of toxins and helps you reach your weight loss goals. While it seems like an awesome proposition – drink this magical mixture and watch the pounds start to fall off – detox diets are ineffective and potentially dangerous. Here at The Youth Fountain, we want to debunk three of the most common detox diet myths and offer you healthy alternatives.

Myth #1: Your body needs help from a detox diet to get rid of toxins

Detox diets are founded on the idea that the human body is full of awful toxins that can only be filtered out by a special diet. Luckily for us as a species, that is not the case. The human body has several organs specifically dedicated to removing impurities from the body; the liver, kidneys, and even the lungs work nonstop to prevent as many polluting substances as possible from doing damage to the body. The only kind of detoxification that is medically helpful is when doctors start regimens to help those battling drug and alcohol addictions.

Myth #2: Detox diets make you feel healthier and happier

How you feel in your day-to-day life is related to what you eat and how active of a lifestyle you lead. Detox diet supporters claim that you’ll have more energy and feel better since your body is rid of toxins. If you eat unhealthy foods on a regular basis, starting a detox diet will cause you to feel different from normal. Unfortunately, these kinds of diets often don’t provide your body with the caloric intake or nutrients that it needs to function properly. The good feelings at the beginning of the diet can change and lead to tiredness and can sometimes leave you more likely to get sick.

Myth #3: A detox diet will help kick start your weight loss

Many times, people begin a detox diet as a way to begin their new weight loss journey. While a change in your diet plan can help begin your journey to a healthier you, a detox diet is not the way to go about it. These types of diets drastically restrict your calories, making your body think that it needs to preserve the stored energy (or fat) and actually hindering your weight loss in the long run. A diet plan is a serious commitment to a lifestyle change and shouldn’t be based solely on a fad diet.

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