Medical Weight Loss

Is a substantial public health crisis with nearly half the adult US population being overweight or obese. Dr. Shakov at The Youth Fountain offers personalized weight loss services by creating a customized plan that is right for you. They have become experts in the field of physician supervised weight loss and can assist you in reaching and maintaining your overall health goals

Some Medical Professionals

Approach weight loss treatment as another prescription to write for the patient. Dr. Shakov is not that doctor. They take into consideration your eating habits, background, your overall build, lifestyle and more to come up with a diet plan that incorporates dietary and behavioral modification along with supplements and, if needed, possible pharmaceutical adjuncts to help you achieve a realistic goal.

Our Doctors Firmly Believe

That it is not the number on the scale that is the problem, it’s the body fat content. It’s possible for a person to be quite healthy when they are considered overweight. They work hard to teach each of their patients to find their own healthy zone, and to let go of the mental blocks and expectations that so many people come in with. One of their favorite lessons to impart is that “Losing weight is not about stopping eating, it’s about making the necessary changes for a long-term healthy you. So when you look into the mirror, that person looking back at you is smiling!” Contact us today to learn more about our medical weight loss program and become the best you that you can be.

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