Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

As we get older, we begin to feel less like ourselves. Our energy levels decrease, our desire fades, our ability to focus may get cloudy, our moods and emotions may seem to be set on “random” or “shuffle”, some people may begin to experience hot and cold flashes. We at The Youth Fountain don’t believe you should have to accept getting older and feeling older as a natural process of aging. If you choose to seek treatment, we are here to help.

How Is BHRT Different From Traditional HRT?

How Is BHRT Different From Traditional HRT? Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses synthetic hormones that raises your blood levels to supra-physiologic levels. This in-turn sets off a natural negative feedback by the body which further depresses the body’s own production of the hormones. Since these hormones are synthetic, there are many potentially unwanted side-effects and possible dangers that have scared off too many patients from seeking treatment. BHRT at The Youth Fountain uses hormones that are identical to what your body makes. These hormones can be applied directly to the skin in the form of a cream. The levels can be controlled better than their synthetic counterparts. This allows for a more physiologic and natural replacement that is safer than traditional HRT.
Aging should be looked at as a disease. Preventable and reversible. Just as we treat diabetes and high blood pressure, we should treat aging. We can treat all hormone deficiencies with BHRT. We can help if you have an under active thyroid, low testosterone levels, imbalanced estrogen and progesterone levels, dysfunctional adrenal gland or low levels of growth hormone in both men and women.

What Can I Expect During My Initial BHRT Appointment?

BHRT is relatively safe when done under the guidance of a qualified physician. Patients with a personal history of cancer may not be able to undergo BHRT but can have other options to balance their hormone levels. Dr. Shakov will discuss all these options with you as he creates you a personalized treatment plan at The Youth Fountain.


Is BHRT Safe?

Yes, at The Youth Fountain we use natural hormones to balance out your levels to be at a physiologic level.

Is BHRT Covered By Insurance?

We do not participate in insurance for this service at The Youth Fountain
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