Rejuvinate Your Skin to Look More Youthful with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a unique, minimally invasive technique that is used to rejuvenate the skin and help patients look younger than ever. It has been used since 1952 when it was developed by Michel Pistor in France as a way to relieve pain. The process involves the injection of numerous compounds in minute doses using very small needles. These compounds can include vitamins, plant extracts, homeopathic agents, enzymes, and more.

Different compounds and injections are used depending upon the patient and the goals they’re trying to achieve, but since the injections are made using a very small needle those who receive the procedure can leave the office and go about their day.


  • To remove fat in the stomach, hips, legs, arms, face, and more
  • To reduce cellulite
  • To tighten loose skin
  • To reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • To recontour the body
  • To reduce acne scarring
  • To lighten pigmented and discolored skin
  • To treat hair loss caused by alopecia

The benefits of mesotherapy are primarily related to the minimally invasive nature of it. Compared to cosmetic surgery, mesotherapy has no recovery time, very little pain, and no major risks. Additionally, the injection of certain compounds brings with it numerous benefits – vitamins, silicon, and rutin are all commonly used and provide health benefits to the skin.

How Does It Work?

  • Mesotherapy works by using different injection to combat different cosmetic issues. For example, to combat against cellulite, a mixture of substances including artichoke, gingko biloba, hyaluronidase, calcium pyruvate, and more are injected to help smooth the dimpled appearance.

    How Does it Work?

    • Every patient is unique, which is why we begin every relationship by having an initial consultation with him or her. During this consultation visit, we discuss their goals and review the different options that are available to them. Then, we create a blueprint that will help us achieve those goals.
    • When you arrive for your session, you’ll be given numbing medicine on the skin. Then, a series of injections are used to inject the compounds into it. Different depths are used to combat different issues.
    • You’ll need to get injections roughly every 7 to 10 days, and the average treatment period includes 3 to 15 visits depending on the situation. In some cases, treatments can be done every other week if the patient’s skin is reacting well.
    • Follow up visits can help monitor your skin and ensure that it remains youthful and vibrant. These follow ups help us make certain that additional treatment options aren’t needed.


Why Choose Us?

Our team is committed to giving our clients an amazing service and a custom approach. We don’t begin treating you until we ensure that we’ve developed a plan that is specifically designed for your unique situation, and we always make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure and that you understand what to expect from it.

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