As we age, we have increased skin laxity which causes jowls, drooping cheeks, lowered brow, and other visible signs of aging on the face and body.  Traditionally, the most effective way to treat this in the past was with a Face Lift. Many non-invasive treatments such as skin resurfacing lasers and injectables like dermal filler can restore some of the firmness of the skin but cannot treat loose skin.  Fortunately, there is a procedure called Thread Lifting which can lift the skin without requiring a Face Lift or Body Lift.

What Is Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting is a procedure used to “lift” the skin with the use of absorbable sutures. The sutures are placed under the skin.  The sutures will dissolve over a period of 6 months and will stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms during that time.

This leads to

  • Formation of new collagen
  • Increased small blood vessel size (which bring in more nutrients)
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity while reducing fine lines
  • Breakdown of fat cells around the sutures

These effects can last up to two years from the time of the procedure!

What types of Threads are there?

Mono-threads and Barbed threads.

The mono-threads are smooth or twisted.  They can shrink fat, strengthen the connections in the skin, and improve the environment of the skin. Mono-threads can also improve volume and lessen the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

The barbed threads have small barbs on the thread.  This allows for the suture to anchor to the surrounding tissue and create an instant “lift” when pulled back.

How is Thread Lifting performed?

After the application of a topical anesthetic, your skin is then prepped with a disinfectant.  An injection of a local anesthetic is then administered so you feel no pain. The barbed threads are inserted underneath the skin.  After the threads are anchored, they are pulled in order to lift the skin, and then any excess thread is cut off. The procedure can take 30 minutes or longer depending on the size and number of the treatment areas.

What areas can be treated with Thread Lifting?

  • Wrinkles around the brow, forehead, eyes, lips, crow’s feet, general face or neck.
  • Restoration of volume around temples, cheeks, or lips.
  • Lifting Procedure
    • Brow
    • Cheeks
    • Lower Face or V-Line
    • Naso-Labial Folds
    • Marionette Lines
    • Jaw Line
    • Double Chin
    • Neck

What to know for Before and After the Procedure?

  • What to Avoid before the procedure:

    • Alcohol, supplements such as Vitamin E, Omega Fish oils, and gingko for 1-2 days before and after the procedure.
    • Blood thinners like Aspirin, Coumadin, and Plavix need to be discontinued for up to a week before the treatment with the guidance of your physician.
    • Avoid going to the steam room, sauna, and engaging in heavy exercise such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for one day before and two days after the procedure.

    Following 2 weeks after the PDO Thread Lift

    • You are discouraged from any activity which requires you to open your mouth excessively.
    • You are also advised to sleep on your back to allow the swelling to subside and to avoid putting pressure on the face that might cause misalignment of the threads.

    You are given the option of some simple taping on the face to ensure the best results.

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