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Laser therapy treatments at The Youth Fountain help treat a variety of skin issues from scarring to hyperpigmentation. Contact us for a consultation today!

The Youth Fountain & Alternative Laser Therapy Uses

Laser treatments have been utilized for years as a more permanent hair removal method than waxing or plucking. However, at The Youth Fountain, laser treatment therapies are used for several other skin issues as well. From recurring acne to uneven scarring or hyperpigmentation, laser therapy can treat a number of issues besides hair removal.

Acne and Rosacea Treatments at The Youth Fountain

Laser treatments at The Youth Fountain are a safer, less invasive method for treating a variety of issues, including laser hair removal. Laser therapy treatments can also treat a number of discomfiting skin problems. Along with other topical treatments, laser therapy can reduce the effects of acne and rosacea.

With acne, The Youth Fountain laser treatments can help reduce oil on the face and clear up some of the bacteria that cause pimples. The combination of treatments provides the best chance for a patient’s skin to clear up over time. Rosacea laser treatments work to reduce the overall redness of the skin condition, making it less noticeable. Treatments can also assist in skin thickening issues around the nose. Both conditions may need other topical treatments to reduce issues like blackheads and other bumps.

Other Skin Treatments

The Youth Fountain also offers laser therapy treatments for the treatment of scars. A scar can be a source of embarrassment or serve as a reminder of a difficult infection or illness. While not everyone sees their scars as an issue, laser therapy treatments can help those that have a problem with the appearance of their scars. Treatments rarely remove the scar entirely, but laser treatments do help smooth the uneven areas on and around the scar. Over time the scar will appear smoother and firmer. Wrinkle reduction at The Youth Fountain works similarly to the scar correction process. Laser treatments are used to smooth out areas of the skin affected by sun damage or the aging process, creating a smoother skin appearance over time.

Issues with pigmentation are another skin problem that can be corrected with laser therapy at The Youth Fountain. Pulses of light are used to break down the excess melanin that can be found in sunspots and other problem issues. Laser treatments can be used on areas of hyperpigmentation, whether the areas were caused by sun exposure, scarring, or just time. The treatments can help with the overall look of a patient’s skin and make their coloring more consistent.

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