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Weight loss is always harder during the holiday season. The Youth Fountain offers some tips on how to keep the pounds off and still enjoy the holidays.

Keeping Up Your Weight Loss Through the Holiday Season

There are always bumps in the road during your weight loss journey, especially during the holidays. November and December are often filled with family, friends, and food – a lot of food. It can be difficult to maintain your diet plan with all the pie, casseroles, and other foods that seem to make an appearance at every holiday party. At The Youth Fountain, we understand how hard you’ve worked to achieve your weight loss goals and how difficult it can be to navigate the holiday season and still see results. We want to make it a little easier on you and make sure you still get to enjoy the celebration while not dramatically impacting your weight loss goals.
Maintain Realistic Weight Loss Goals

An important aspect to remember if you are trying to lose weight during the holidays is to keep a realistic, achievable small-term goal in mind. Not only is there more fattening and unhealthy foods during the holidays, but there is just more food in general. Before you launch into the seemingly endless days of work Christmas parties and family gatherings, remind yourself that your weight loss might not be as significant as it has been in previous months. That way, when you enjoy some of your favorite holiday dishes (in moderation, of course), you won’t be so disappointed in yourself the next time you step on the scale.
Don’t get super hungry

When you know you have a huge meal ahead of you, it’s easy to want to save your calories for that meal. Unfortunately, this often leads to overeating. A simple way to help counteract the urge to overeat and keep you on track with your weight loss goals is to eat throughout the day. If you’re having a big dinner, make sure to have a light, protein-based lunch that will keep you satisfied and not make you so hungry when you get to the party.

Everyone has favorite foods that family or friends only make during the holiday season. Just because you’re on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. By choosing smaller portions of your favorite dishes and passing on dishes that you have access to on a more consistent basis, you allow yourself to enjoy the holiday without going overboard on the calories. Drinking water during the meal will help you feel fuller also, which can help you keep track of your diet plan.

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