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Surprising Benefits of Hair Restoration Freehold, NJ

Thinning and balding hair can happen to anyone, and can be caused by various factors besides just age and genetics. No matter how you came to have thinning or balding hair, our hair restoration transplants are an ideal solution. With hair restoration transplants, you can enjoy a full head of luxurious hair without resorting to unnatural options. And did you know that you can grow back your very own hair?

Here’s everything you need to know about hair restoration transplants at The Youth Fountain:

How does a hair restoration transplant work? The procedure itself is a hair grafting method, called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), by which we take follicles from a hairy part of your scalp and transplant them directly into the balding or thinning areas. FUE is a comfortable outpatient procedure involving a series of small incisions. The length of the procedure depends on the amount of transplanting that is needed.

Is there downtime or anything else I should know beforehand? Because this is a minimally-invasive procedure, downtime for recovery is typically just one week. That being said, some people are able to return to work after a day, depending on the nature of their job. We recommend that patients come in for a follow-up about 10 days after the procedure, to make sure they are healing well.

How long will my fuller, thicker hair last? The last thing you want is to go through this procedure, only to wake up a few months later to the sight of balding hair all over again. We completely understand, which is why we use this particular transplant method. With this method, patients often see new hair growth after three months, and most will experience full hair growth in their transplant area(s) after 6-9 months. From there, your results can last for years.

Will I need to treat my transplanted hair any differently? Not at all. That’s the best part! Because it is your natural hair, you’re free to style, cut, and treat your new hair the same way you would the rest of your hair.

Now that you know what our hair restoration transplants are all about, we’d love to discuss your individual needs and goals. Get started on the path back to a full head of hair and the confidence it brings! Call (732) 334-3176 today to get started, or schedule a consultation online.

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