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The Youth Fountain’s Guidance on Allergies

Huge numbers of people live day to day dealing with various allergies. If you suffer from seasonal hay fever, you’ll know how difficult it is to function when you’re assaulted by your allergies. Perhaps you know you need to be careful around bees or wasps, or what foods you can or can’t eat. The Youth Fountain is well aware of some of the unexpected risks that come with suffering from allergies.

But a lot of people will go through life with no idea whether they’re allergic to something that might one day cause them serious harm. In cosmetic procedures, like botox injections, as well as in general medical procedures, some of the agents and chemicals used can cause severe allergic reactions. This means it’s important to be aware of whether you’re at risk. The Youth Fountain can help.
The Risks Allergies Can Carry

An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system is overly sensitive to a particular food, liquid, chemical compound or particulate. Encountering whatever it might be will cause your body’s histamine receptors to overreact and, depending on the severity, this can result in anything from a runny nose and sneezing, to life-threatening symptoms like tracheal swelling and breathing difficulties.
Different Causes of Allergies

There is a wide variety of different allergies that people suffer from. The most common allergies are caused by pollen, dust, and animal hair. Many people suffer seasonal or environmental allergies, relying on over-the-counter or prescription medications for relief. Still, other people suffer from food allergies, which can make life harder depending on the type of food. Nut allergies are common, but a severe nut allergy can be deadly and result in a lifetime of careful label-reading and research. A huge problem with allergies is not just being unaware you might have them, but also not knowing the severity until you encounter the trigger.
Allergies and Cosmetic Procedures

If you’re prone to allergic reactions and are considering some form of cosmetic augmentation, you’ll need to find out whether you’re allergic to any of the materials that might be used, depending on the procedure. Some people can be allergic to silicone, for example, which could cause a risky reaction. If you suffer from nasal allergies, then something like rhinoplasty, or even simpler work, might be more difficult to recover from.
Effective Allergy Testing

The Youth Fountain team knows that allergy testing is an effective way of finding out what allergies you have, whether it’s preparing for cosmetic work or otherwise. These tests are done with either skin or blood testing, along with discussions with a medical professional relating to general health, symptoms, and possible triggers. Keeping an allergy journal is a great way to find out what these triggers might be.
The Youth Fountain’s Awareness of Allergies

The Youth Fountain takes great pride in the work we do and the care we give our clients, but even we can’t guarantee avoiding an allergic reaction if we or you don’t know it exists. Getting tested and careful planning before undergoing any of the procedures we offer not only avoids risks like this but can go a long way to aiding your recovery and making the most of the new you.

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