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Emsculpt or CoolSculpting: Which Is a Better Option?

Are you looking for a way to get rid of excess weight and unwanted bulges? If you are looking for a painless way to achieve that perfectly toned body shape you desire, body sculpting treatments are the best solution. Emsculpt and CoolSculpting are non-invasive fat reduction alternatives that have gained popularity in recent years. Both treatments are relatively new body contouring procedures. They use advanced cosmetic technology to deliver promising, long-lasting results. Both methods are FDA-approved, effective, safe, and have almost no major discomfort or downtime. If you are wondering which of these procedures is ideal for your unique needs, let’s understand the difference between the two.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, known as a safe and highly innovative technology for non-surgical fat reduction, is a non-invasive procedure that mainly focuses on intense fat reduction. It uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat on specific trouble areas such as the hips, thighs, abs, under the chin, upper arms, back, and flanks without damaging the overlying skin. This procedure uses fat-freezing technology to damage and kills fat cells, which the body naturally eliminates with time.

What is Emsculpt?

While CoolSculpting works only for fat reduction, Emsculpt is ideal for those looking to tone their muscles while also burning fat. However, the key goal of Emsculpt remains muscle building. This procedure is relatively new compared to CoolSculpting and is perfect for target areas such as legs, abs, and buttocks. The body’s metabolism rate shoots up, thereby remodeling muscle tissues and burning fatty acids in the muscle.

Which body areas are you looking to address?

While deciding between the two procedures, a lot will depend on your individual goals and the body areas you want to target. Due to its unique form and its key goal of muscle building, Emsculpt is ideal for treating abs, buttocks, biceps, triceps, and calves. It stimulates muscle growth while at the same time destroying fat cells, helping you achieve a toned figure. If you want to target various body areas, CoolSculpting is the best choice. Patients can address stubborn body fat across target areas such as the face, double chin, flanks, abdomen, upper arms, underneath the buttocks, and the waist with this procedure. So, if you want to sculpt your overall body or are undergoing body sculpting treatment for the first time, CoolSculpting is recommended since it yields more flexible results.

How soon do the results begin to appear?

Emsculpt focuses on muscle growth while at the same time stimulating fat reduction. Patients typically undergo four to five 30-minute sessions within two weeks and begin noticing results after 3-4 weeks. Emsculpt is said to increase muscle mass by 16% and removes about 19% fat in the targeted treatment area. The treatment uses a technology that has an effect that is similar to a heavy workout. However, if you want faster results, CoolSculpting is a better option. CoolSculpting can remove up to 22% fat in the targeted treatment area within two weeks post-treatment. In addition, CoolSculpting destroys and kills fat cells, which are gradually expelled by the body. Since the cells are destroyed, patients can continue to see improvements for months, and even indefinitely, as long as a healthy and active lifestyle is maintained.

Treatment Cost

An Emsculpt session in NJ typically costs between $750 and $1,000 for each session for the first four sessions. You can also buy packages after this to maintain your Emsculpt results. Each CoolSculpting cycle in NJ costs between $750 to $1,500. You will generally have one to three cycles per treatment session. For best results, there’s a gap of four to twelve weeks between two or more sessions.

Emsculpt vs. CoolSculpting

Ultimately which treatment is better for you will depend on your individual goals, which include the amount of fat you are looking to lose, the treatment areas you want to target, the muscle toning you desire, etc. If your main goal is to get rid of stubborn fat and target more areas with visible fat, CoolSculpting can help you attain your desired body shape. If you already have a lean, healthy body but simply want to tone up or build muscle in specific target areas such as your abdomen, legs, or back, Emsculpt would suit you better. If you are still unsure whether Emsculpt or CoolSculpting is better for you, book an appointment with us at The Youth Fountain, and we can help you figure out a suitable treatment for you. To find out which treatment is better for your body goals, contact our experts at The Youth Fountain. We offer the best CoolSculpting and Emsculpt treatment in Freehold, NJ.

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