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Can Chemical Peels actually Make You Look Younger?

Chemical peels have minimal side effects and help treat fine lines and wrinkles, thereby leaving your skin with a flawless glow and supple tone. It also acts as a catalyst in the process of converting rough and dry skin into a bright and smooth skin tone. There are several benefits of chemical peeling that work together to provide you with youthful beauty.

How Does the Treatment Works?

The following points detail how a chemical peeling treatment can help you get clearer and younger-looking skin:

1. The objective of Peeling

Professionals use a unique chemical solution to remove the topmost layer of the skin. Peels have three distinct categories, namely: Light, Medium, and Deep. Each category describes the penetration level of the chemical. The deeper the chemical penetrates, the more effective the result would be. However, deeper penetration also requires more recovery time.

2. Impact of peeling Treatment

Superficial peelings can eliminate the visibility of skin pigmentation. Within just one sitting, the person would observe a notable difference in skin texture. However, if the treatment is continued at regular intervals, the results would be more dramatic in terms of getting firmness and suppleness. A superficial peel would only target the epidermis layer of the skin. When using the medium peel, the chemical can reach the top layer of the skin. In contrast, if the deepest peel is used, the chemical can penetrate much deeper into the skin.

3. The Treatment Process

The treatment begins with gentle skin cleansing. Then the chemical solution is directly spread overall your skin’s surface. The duration of the application would depend on the type of peel being used as well as the result you are aiming for. After remaining on the top of your skin for a determined amount of time, the peel is removed, and soothing ointment is applied. The day after the session, you would notice old skin peeling off of your face. The amount of peeling would again depend on the type of peeling you used and how long it was left on your skin.

4. Chemical Peeling and Age

If you have reached an age where surgery is no longer a viable option for a facelift, you can opt for chemical peeling infused with CO2 laser. It would effectively lift your skin and make it look several years younger, giving your skin a second lease on life. However, the entire process must only be done by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. So, it is best to go to only the most renowned medical professionals in your region. Do not compromise with your skin for the sake of distance or cost involved in the process. However, this type of treatment has a significant amount of downtime but looks amazing once entirely healed.


In addition to making sure you have a qualified board-certified medical professional, you will also need to follow your postop instructions to achieve the best results. Chemical peels also have certain risks and serious side effects that could become permanent. These include:

  • Skin darkening or lightening, especially among people with darker skin.
  • Permanent scarring.
  • Chemical peels on rare occasions can cause fungal and bacterial infections
  • Persons with herpes simplex may experience a flare-up of the disease after the treatment.
  • Deep peels use a type of phenol that might damage the heart muscle, cause uneven heartbeats, and damage the kidneys and liver.

Is this the Right Option for You?

If you were longing for a treatment that would get rid of all the fine lines and dullness of your skin without going through surgery, then chemical peeling treatment is made for you. It directly targets the affected areas. The Youth Foundation is your one-stop solution for all your beauty and fitness needs. We are among the best providers of chemical peeling treatment near Freehold, NJ, with the help of our highly experienced and skilled doctors like Dr. Emil Shakov and Dr. Rada Shakov. Our team of beauty consultants and doctors is immensely knowledgeable, experienced, and incredibly helpful, focusing on providing the best possible care to their patients. Your treatment will be customized to address your specific skin concerns. To learn more, give us a call at 732-333-5992 or request an appointment online today to get started.

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