What Causes an Increase in Vellus Hair?

Are you aware that different hair types grow in different parts of your body? If you look closely, even the body areas that look hairless to you, like the forehead or earlobe, have tiny hairs. These tiny hairs are called vellus hair. Vellus hair is also referred to as baby hair or peach fuzz and is translucent

Can I Still Have Laser Skin Treatment if I Have Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin or eczema, both of which weaken your skin’s barrier function, you may suffer higher sensitivity. The good news is that many people with sensitive skin can benefit from well-executed laser skin treatment if they take the right advice from their physician and use the correct laser for both pre-and-post care.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks On Buttocks Quickly

Stretch marks are raised regions of skin that resemble lines or stripes. In medical terms, they are referred to as ‘striae’, and are scars formed by microscopic rips in the skin’s dermis layer. According to a 2013 study, stretch marks affect between 50% to 80% of adults. Stretch marks appear when the collagen and elastin

What Exactly Is Laser Therapy and How Does It Work?

Before going deep into how laser therapy works, let us first understand what it is and what are its main uses. Medical treatments that use intensive light rays of a laser are called laser therapy. Unlike other light sources, light originating from a laser is usually tuned to certain wavelengths, permitting it to be focused

Does Laser Treatment Help with Scarring?

Laser treatment is a highly popular remedy for various cosmetic procedures, particularly in clinical applications concerning skin-related issues.While professionals often use it for aesthetic purposes, like removing sunspots, laser treatments are also used in post-surgical scarring and injuries caused by burns and accidents. While it does not entirely remove scars, it can greatly reduce their

Which Laser Treatment Is Best for Face Skin Lightening?

Skincare has been the latest and the most discussed topic among us, and every other day a new product is being launched. From chemical peels to topical creams, we have a variety of products that can improve your skin, but have you heard about laser treatments? This article answers common questions regarding laser treatment for