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The clock may be marching forward more prominently at this time of year, but you can slow down and reverse its effects on your complexion with Thread Lifts here in Freehold, New Jersey! Make your friends and family question what year it really is, by treating yourself to an uplifted and rejuvenated complexion. Here how you can do it without surgery!

Step 1: Schedule your consultation!

If you’ve been bothered by the signs of aging you see on your complexion lately, but aren’t interested in dealing with surgery, then you are the perfect candidate for thread lifts, which are non-surgical and require only minimal downtime! The first thing you’ll want to do is give us a call at (732) 333-5992 to schedule your personal consultation so our dedicated doctors can work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your needs and goals.

Step 2: Treatment time!

The next step is, of course, to get your thread lift treatment! Our doctors will explain everything you need to know and answer all of your questions during your consultation, but here’s a bit about how it works and what you could expect:

Thread lifts are resorbable surgical sutures composed of biodegradable polymers, which lift and tighten skin for up to 15 months per treatment. These thread lifts are gently inserted beneath the top layer of skin in a matter of minutes, where they instantly provide support and also stimulate the production of new collagen for long-lasting improvement.

Step 3: Admire your years-younger reflection!

With thread lifts, you can enjoy a wide range of age-defying results including:

  • Smoothed lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and chest
  • Reduced folds around the nose and mouth
  • Diminished crow’s feet
  • Lifted and tightened jowls
  • Smoothed and tightened neck folds
  • Rejuvenated and plumped lips and mouth area
  • And even more!

Aging is a privilege and those lines and wrinkles are often a sign of a well-lived life – but that doesn’t mean you have to love them. You deserve to love the way you look, and here at The Youth Fountain, it’s our job to help you achieve that! Give us a call at (732) 333-5992 or request a consultation online today to get started.

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You can make your friends and family question whether the clocks have really moved forward, or if they’ve in fact moved backward several years – and the way to do it is with thread lifts here at The Youth Fountain!

The Youth Fountain proudly offers state-of-the-art thread lifts using EuroThreads — resorbable surgical sutures composed of biodegradable polymers — which lift and tighten skin for up to 15 months per treatment.

Haven’t heard of thread lifts before? It’s understandable that you may have questions. Here are some answers to help you get to know this age-defying treatment!

You said “lift and tighten” but what exactly do thread lifts help to improve?

Thread lifts provide an extensive number of benefits. Here’s what you can expect!

  • Smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and chest
  • Reduce folds around the nose and mouth
  • Smooth away crow’s feet
  • Lift and tighten sagging jowls
  • Smooth and tighten neck folds
  • Rejuvenate and plump the lips and mouth area
  • Reveal a younger-looking you in minutes
  • Reverse years of aging with minimal to no downtime

How does the thread lifts procedure work?

Thread lifts are gently inserted underneath the top layers of skin, parallel to the skin’s surface, in a quick and comfortable treatment. The threads immediately provide support and structure to lax skin, resulting in a lifting and tightening effect that smooths away lines and wrinkles while also replenishing lost volume. Over time, the inserted threads stimulate the skin’s natural healing response, which prompts the body to grow new collagen for months of rejuvenation. Patients can expect up to 15 months of age-defying benefits per treatment!

Does it hurt to get thread lifts?

Thread lifts are well-tolerated. You may feel a bit of tightness right after your procedure, but that sensation resolves on its own after the first few days.

Are you ready for a younger-looking you without surgery and with immediate results? Who isn’t!? Our expert team here at The Youth Fountain is trained to ensure the highest quality results for our clients. We’d be honored to help you achieve your age-defying goals! Call (732) 333-5992 or today or request a consultation online!

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