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Though it may not feel like it yet, the holidays are right around the corner, which for many of us means an endless stream of family and group photos. (Talk about stress!) We all wish we could be that confident member of the group whose holiday shots are mixed with stunning selfies, and who never seem to have a “bad angle.” Now you can be that person, with a Plasma Facelift® right here in Freehold, New Jersey.

Though that sounds a bit over-promisey, bear with us! Here’s some information to open your eyes to the world of plasma perfection, and get you feeling photo-ready and fabulous in time for the holiday season:

How do “plasma” and “facelift” go together in this treatment?
The Plasma Facelift uses a concentrated portion of your own blood called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Once activated, the PRP releases growth factors that recruit your stem cells and regenerate and repair the tissue in the area where it is injected, leading to healthier, more evenly-toned, and younger looking skin. The Plasma Facelift combines PRP injections with dermal fillers to restore lost volume, boost blood flow and provide overall rejuvenation.

Who should be interested in a plasma facelift?
A Plasma Facelift can truly benefit anyone, but particularly folks looking for age-defying results like diminished lines and wrinkles, and anyone looking to improve the tone or texture of their skin. If you’re dealing with rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or other tone and texture issues, a Plasma Facelift can help.

Is there any downtime that I should be aware of?
Downtime will depend on your particular treatment. If you are receiving injections of PRP for a Plasma Facelift, for example, you may experience little to no downtime, though every injection carries a risk of swelling, pinpoint bleeding, or bruising. However, if you are undergoing a PRP Facial, wherein PRP is applied topically in tandem with microneedling (in addition to PRP injections), you may experience a few days of social downtime, as your skin will be red and flaky during the renewal process of microneedling. Because downtime is variable, you won’t want to schedule a Plasma Facelift or Facial for the day before a big event. We suggest scheduling your session at least two weeks before your event to make sure you’re fully healed and ready to go.

How long will my results last?
The Plasma FaceLift® or Facial procedure takes about one hour, but you can enjoy the results for 12-15 months.

Can PRP be used to help with other issues as well?
Absolutely! PRP is such a powerful aesthetic tool because the applications are almost limitless. PRP treats wrinkles not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, and décolleté. Additionally, it is exceptional in its ability to add volume to the face, improve dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, and reduce acne scars and stretch marks. It can even reduce signs of aging in the hands, and regrow hair! Because it’s your own blood, there’s essentially no risk of allergic or other adverse reactions, which helps in its ability to be applied in so many different ways.

At The Youth Fountain, Drs. Rada and Emil Shakov are experts who are committed to helping their patients look and feel their best, and healthy, vibrant skin is an essential part of that process. Learn how to get started toward stunning, healthier skin by calling (732) 334-3176 or scheduling a consultation online today.

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