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Can You Remove a Tattoo With a Cream?

There are many different reasons why you might want to get a tattoo. However, sometimes the tattoo doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, or you have a change of heart about it. Still, how do you get rid of a permanent tattoo? Do tattoo removal creams work? Let’s find out!

What’s a Tattoo Removal Cream?

Tattoo removal creams are usually applied on the skin where you want to erase the tattoo. While there are several tattoo removing creams available in the market, in reality, there is no evidence they work in removing tattoos. Typically, these tattoo removal creams claim to make your tattoos less visible on the skin. However, these creams can cause serious side effects on your skin, including scarring and even severe burning. See Also: How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Generally Cost?

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

No. They do not work at all. These creams simply bleach and peel away the topmost epidermis layer of your skin. However, some such creams also claim to replace the cells filled with tattoo ink. However, since the tattoo ink is injected into the second dermis layer of your skin, using any kind of surface layer treatment will only leave the tattoo distorted or discolored. It will likely draw more attention to that area of your skin and even cause scarring. Tattoo removal creams also contain chemicals like trichloroacetic acid, which is well-known for skin treatments but can be harmful if used unsupervised.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Tattoo Removal Creams?

As of now, no tattoo removal cream has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That’s because the FDA does not regulate the use of chemicals like Trichloroacetic acid nor condone its usage without proper supervision. Some harmful side effects of using the tattoo removal creams are:

  • Skin rashes
  • Redness of skin
  • Burning
  • Peeling of skin
  • Permanent distortion of the skin
  • Inflammation

If you are prone to allergies, using the tattoo removal cream can cause hives, swelling, nausea, and vomiting and be potentially fatal.

How to Safely Remove Tattoos?

Medical professionals like dermatologists and licensed physicians can help you remove tattoos permanently. Some options that you can choose from are: 1. Surgical excision A professional dermatologist will numb the skin with anesthetics before surgically removing the tattooed portion of the skin and stitch the skin back. It is an effective process but can leave a scar on the skin. The cost of the process depends on the size and placement of the tattoo. The average cost of surgical excision is around $850. 2. Dermabrasion Dermabrasion is a process in which a tool is used to remove the tattoo from the skin. The skin is numbed with local anesthetics, and the tattoo is scraped off the skin with a circular brush. This procedure will keep the skin raw for a week and might not be as effective as the surgical removal. The cost of dermabrasion depends on the tattoo size and can range from $100 to $5,000. 3. Laser surgery With the help of Q switched lasers, which apply severe heat on the skin for breaking up the tattoo ink. Since a high dose of severe heat is passed through the skin, it can cause blisters and swelling on the skin, and even bleeding. Again, the cost of laser surgery depends on the tattoo size, but generally, a single session might cost between $200 to $500, and it will take multiple sessions to remove a single tattoo.

Which Is the Right Removal Process for You?

Although there are different tattoo removal processes available, not all of them may be a good choice for you. For instance, laser surgery might lead to severe side effects if you have sensitive skin. At the same time, surgical incisions can leave a scar on your skin. Dermabrasion can be a good choice in such a scenario, but it is not as effective as the other two procedures. See Also: Can I Still Have Laser Skin Treatment If I Have Sensitive Skin? Do not try to remove a tattoo with cream since it can permanently damage your skin. If you are looking for tattoo removal, do get in touch with us and let us help you choose the right procedure. We are one of the best tattoo removal clinics in Freehold, NJ, with years of experience and expertise in various tattoo removal procedures.

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