Soak Up the Limelight Freehold, NJ

For many during the holidays, reconnecting with family and friends means lots of group photos. This year, you can stop being nervous about them, and start looking forward to your time in the limelight! We know this because at The Youth Fountain in Freehold, New Jersey, we’re proud to offer IPL Limelight Facials, an advanced

Our Top Tips for Weight Loss Success Freehold, NJ

Over the last several decades, scientists have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss. We all know, now, that there’s much more to it than just counting calories. But a recent study explains the discovery of a protein that shuts down the body’s ability to burn fat

Body Contouring 101: Why We Have Three Leading Technologies Freehold, NJ

Most people have one or more aspects of their body’s appearance that they wish they could improve. For many, those are areas that are naturally difficult to improve, resulting in lots of frustration. We completely get it! That’s why, at The Youth Fountain, we offer three different leading technologies for body contouring and fat reduction.

What to Ask Before Your Next Injectable Session Freehold, NJ

Botox® and dermal fillers are both trusted and proven methods for regaining a noticeably more youthful complexion – that’s why they’re both so popular! As amazing as they are, however, it’s important to do your homework before undergoing these age-defying treatments. Here are a few helpful questions you should ask: Which should I use, Botox

Fall into Laser Skin Rejuvenation Season! Freehold, NJ

A recent study by the international journal Nature indicates that your body’s “biological age” can be reversed! The methods are still being ironed out, but in the meantime, there are other ways to turn back the clock on your appearance! From laser skin rejuvenation to PRP, thread lifts, and more, there are myriad methods to

Surprising Benefits of Hair Restoration Freehold, NJ

Thinning and balding hair can happen to anyone, and can be caused by various factors besides just age and genetics. No matter how you came to have thinning or balding hair, our hair restoration transplants are an ideal solution. With hair restoration transplants, you can enjoy a full head of luxurious hair without resorting to

Get Your Body Back With CoolSculpting and EmSculpt Freehold, NJ

When life happens, sometimes it can wreak havoc on your body, whether through childbirth, extreme weight loss or weight gain, or millions of other factors. That’s why The Youth Fountain offers CoolSculpting® and EmSculpt®, the two most popular, proven, and widely acclaimed non-invasive body contouring treatments on the planet. A lot of people get confused

Renew Your Look (Sans Surgery) with Thread Lifts Freehold, NJ

Aging is a privilege, but that doesn’t mean you should accept the wrinkles you see in the mirror each day. You can redefine your best and hit the refresh button on your appearance with proven treatments that restore your skin’s youthful elasticity and radiance. That’s where we come in. At The Youth Fountain, we offer

Start Now to Get Glowing for the Holidays Freehold, NJ

Though it may not feel like it yet, the holidays are right around the corner, which for many of us means an endless stream of family and group photos. (Talk about stress!) We all wish we could be that confident member of the group whose holiday shots are mixed with stunning selfies, and who never


Let’s Talk About Wrinkles and Wrinkle Reduction Wrinkles, like aging, are a fact of life. Everyone gets some form of frown lines or crow’s feet, and just about everyone worries about how they look. With so many different wrinkle reduction solutions out there, the thought of choosing one can be intimidating. The Youth Fountain would


The Youth Fountain’s Guidance on Allergies Huge numbers of people live day to day dealing with various allergies. If you suffer from seasonal hay fever, you’ll know how difficult it is to function when you’re assaulted by your allergies. Perhaps you know you need to be careful around bees or wasps, or what foods you


A diet plan often doesn’t just mean changing what you eat, but changing your thinking about and your lifestyle. We explore what habits may need to change. How a Diet Plan Means a Change of Lifestyle At The Youth Fountain, we have years of experience in coming up with diet plans for clients who are