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Not All Mistakes Have to Be Permanent: Lets Talk about Tattoo Removal

In the age of social media, peer pressure and the desire to fit in are stronger than ever before. What this means is that young people now feel pressured to get body tattoos faster than they would like. If you’ve recently gotten a tattoo and now regret it, or if you’re thinking about getting one but aren’t sure yet, read on for information about tattoo removal. Having a tattoo removed isn’t an easy process – it involves several treatments and can be painful, expensive, and time-consuming. But with the help of this article, you can reduce your anxiety about having a tattoo removed. This article covers why most people regret their tattoos; what different removal methods are; tips for avoiding common mistakes when choosing your tattoo artist; and more!

There Are Many Reasons Why People Regret Getting Tattoos.

For starters, tattoos are extremely painful. Even if you get your tattoo in a relatively painless way, it’s still an incredibly stressful experience. It’s extremely difficult for anyone to remain calm when their skin is being broken open, then pierced with needles. This is often why people regret getting tattoos – not because they don’t like the design, but because the entire process is extremely painful. Another reason why people regret getting tattoos is because of what the tattoo represents. This often happens with people get tattoos to represent good memories (e.g. a butterfly tattoo that represents a loved one who died). People tend to forget about their good memories over time, so they get tattoos to remember the past. But after a while, these memories fade away and the tattoos become meaningless. Some other reasons people regret their tattoo is because it was impulsive, they thought it would look cool, thought it looked sexy, and my personal favorite: they thought it would make me look tough. Whatever your reason for tattoo regrets not all mistakes have to be permanent.

Tattoo Removal Methods.

There are several methods for tattoo removal, but the most popular ones are laser removal, surgical excision, salabrasion, and dermabrasion. Laser removal is the most common method for tattoo removal and with the right laser platform like the one we use at The Youth Fountain, called the Enlighten3, you can treat tattoos of all colors. It takes at least 6 treatments to make the tattoo barely visible and if you are looking to cover it up you may be able to do that after 3-4 sessions. Laser removal is also the safest for the skin with the least chance of scarring. Surgical excision is also an option for tattoo removal. If you are in a hurry and just want to get rid of it in one treatment then this is a great option. Just remember the larger the tattoo the larger the scar. salabrasion is still the most commonly used tattoo removal method. It involves abrading the skin’s epidermis and dermis with a salt-based solution. Dermabrasion is comparable to salabrasion except it utilizes a mechanical device to abrade the dermis and epidermis. Dermabrasion and salabrasion cause long-term visible damage to the epidermis and are very painful.

Will Tattoo Removal Hurt?

It depends on the method you choose, the size of your tattoo, and the doctor performing the procedure. At The Youth Fountain, we are very sensitive to our patient’s need for the most comfortable process possible when they undergo this procedure. Prior to performing the laser tattoo removal with the Enlighten3, we apply a topical anesthetic to help numb the area. We then inject an anesthetic which makes the procedure virtually pain-free. Most of our patients are very comfortable during the treatment. You may experience blistering and itching during the recovery period which is normal.

During a surgical excision procedure, we make sure the area is sterilely prepped prior to starting. We then administer an injectable anesthetic so you don’t feel the removal. Sutures are placed to hold the skin edges together. You will feel sore and some pain as you recover and icing the area will definitely relieve a lot of the discomfort. We don’t offer salabrasion or dermabrasion for removal but those procedures can definitely be uncomfortable or painful depending on how they are performed and the recovery period.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tattoo Removed?

The cost of tattoo removal is highly dependent on the method you choose. Laser tattoo removal can range from $300- $1,000 per treatment session depending on the size of the tattoo. It’s important to plan ahead and budget for at least six treatments, but possibly more, to effectively remove the tattoo. You have time between sessions to get your finances in order since sessions are typically spaced out for 8 weeks. Depending on the size of the tattoo, surgical excision can cost $500 and up. Because tattoo removal is performed in one treatment session, it is a one-time fee.

Can You Get a Tattoo 100% Removed?

The Enlighten3 can remove tattoos completely or make them unnoticeable to the point where you can’t see them. To reach the unnoticeable stage, you’ll need six sessions, and to make the tattoo disappear forever, you’ll need more. Surgical excision will remove the tattoo permanently, but leave behind a scar that will vary in length depending on the tattoo’s size.

Know Your Artist Before You Ink.

Before you get any tattoos at all, you’ll want to do some research on your tattoo artist. What is their experience? Do they have any reviews? Are they licensed? Is their studio clean? All of these factors can affect the outcome of how your tattoo turns out. If you get your tattoos done at a low-quality studio, you’re more likely to regret them in the future. Your artist’s experience can also affect what kind of design you can get. For example, some tattoo artists specialize in certain areas of the body, while others specialize in certain types of designs. Knowing what your artist specializes in can help you get a tattoo that you’ll love forever.

Prior to getting a tattoo permanently inked on your body, I suggest having the artist draw it on first. This way, you can test drive your tattoo for several days to ensure you don’t have immediate regret.


Getting a tattoo is a huge decision and one that many people regret. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, we recommend that you think about it for a while before getting a tattoo. Tattoos aren’t like other forms of fashion or self-expression; they’re extremely difficult to remove. If you’ve recently gotten a tattoo or have had one for a long time and now regret it, then call our office to schedule a consultation. After all, not all mistakes have to be permanent.

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