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How IPL Helps to Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Most women and men place a lot of importance on taking care of their skin to ensure that it appears young in all walks of life. Simple measures like setting a daily skincare routine, limiting time spent in the sun, and getting expert facial treatments, like an IPL, can support people in maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Intense pulsed treatment is an ideal process to treat a variety of skin concerns.

IPL treatments can be applied to any body part, eliminating solar and aging damage with almost zero possible side effects. Here is everything you need to learn about IPL treatment in Freehold, NJ, and get your skin back to its luster!

How Many Sessions Does It Take for IPL to Work?

This is the most significant question for many people. Since skin care treatments need time and money, it is obvious to check for the most affordable options that deliver long-lasting results.

Each of us has had a unique life, and our body has been through different conditions. Therefore, the number of intense pulsed treatment sessions you require may vary depending on your skin type, the conditions your skin has been exposed to, and the specific issues you aim to address with IPL therapy. On average, 4 to 6 treatments spaced four weeks apart are advised for patients to acquire the greatest IPL results and achieve their desired outcomes.

1. Patients Requiring More than One IPL Session

The age and solar spots on your skin vary in color and intensity. Some are noticeably darker than your natural skin tone, while others are subtler. These spots are colored by melanin; the more melanin they have, the darker they appear. An intense pulsed treatment device is tuned to target a specific amount of melanin while disregarding the rest. The darkest spots will start to diminish after your initial treatment. When this fading subsides after a few weeks, patients undergo subsequent three to five treatment sessions to lower the amount of pigmentation and restore the splendor.

2. The Waiting Period Between Sessions

The process of regenerating old skin cells for new ones is known as cell turnover. On average, the body takes 30-40 days to produce new skin cells. IPL skin care treatments are scheduled every four weeks to give the body enough time to heal and return to routine. The effectiveness of prior sessions will be impacted if patients wait more than three to four weeks, and they might have to restart their treatment cycle from scratch.

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Who Is a Candidate for IPL Treatments?

Although IPL works for various skin types, your dermatologist could advise an alternative procedure if you have darker skin. Moreover, you should refrain from receiving IPL therapy if you are expecting or are on certain medication. Good candidates possess the following:

  • Having fair and untanned skin
  • A good amount of elasticity
  • Realistic expectations of the outcome
  • Choosing non-invasive therapies over surgical procedures

How Many IPL Treatments Are Needed?

IPL therapy targets pigmented skin regions by using focused light radiation. Since intense pulsed treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, it can be administered about once a month. It is typically advised that patients should have an average of 4 to 6 treatments spaced four weeks apart to achieve the desired IPL results.

Does IPL Have Any Side Effects?

IPL skin care treatments are popular for their tolerability and safety. But occasionally, this therapy can have negative outcomes.

IPL therapy side effects can include the following:

  • Blistering
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Crusting

Some of these side effects, such as hypopigmentation, can be long-term. However, if a trained dermatologist performs the surgery, the chances of having such adverse effects are considerably diminished or eliminated.

Does IPL Remove Dark Spots?

Intense pulsed treatments use non-invasive sophisticated technology to eradicate and heal brown spots, dark spots, and sun spots from the face, arms, legs, and other body areas. Furthermore, it is helpful in the management of rosacea, red patches, and melasma.

Generally, the dark region starts to recede after 7 to 14 days of the treatment. At this point, patients start to experience real results. Their dark spots get lighter and less apparent, producing even and vibrant skin.

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IPL Treatment FAQ

How is an IPL Treatment carried out?

The intense pulsed treatment uses light radiation to target and eliminates pigmented or scarred skin cells. A qualified surgeon will direct various light wavelengths onto the surface using a portable instrument. This light causes the skin’s cells to heat up and break down. The injured tissue is then spontaneously removed through the process, producing the regeneration of fresh skin cells.

After Treatments, What Precautions Should I Take?

IPL aftercare safety measures include:

  • Refrain from taking hot showers for at least 48 hours
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin for the first seven days
  • Don’t pick at blisters or crusting.
  • Don’t engage in any vigorous physical activity or exercise.
  • Keep your skin protected from sun damage.
  • Avoid using skin care products with strong ingredients or high vitamin A concentrations.

Can IPL Damage or Burn the Skin?

IPL can sometimes result in hyper-pigmentation; therefore, persons of Asian descent or with dark skin should take extra precautions. Moreover, patients are likely to get burned by IPL if the practitioner is not skilled and attentive throughout the treatment.

What Body Areas Can Be Treated?

Intense Pulsed treatment can be used to lessen or get rid of the following:

  • Age stains
  • Pigmentation on the surface of the skin
  • Sun fading
  • Freckles or birthmarks
  • Enlarged veins and more

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