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How DAXXIFY Can Revolutionize Your Life: A Complete Guide

There has been quite a buzz about the potential Botox competitor DAXXIFY, recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority. The FDA nod came after the exhaustive SAKURA clinical trial program involving more than 2700 patients and around 4200 treatment procedures. DAXXIFY has proven to be a more effective and long-lasting solution to wrinkle lines than Botox, as its effects last for almost six months!

Read on to learn more about DAXXIFY Injection Treatment in Freehold, NJ. This blog discusses and shares everything you need to know about this revolutionary new treatment for treating and combating the signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines.

What Is a DAXXIFY Injection?

DAXXIFY – the abbreviated form for daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm or Daxi, belongs to a group of neuromodulators. Like other neuromodulators, DAXXIFY treats dynamic wrinkles that usually occur due to frequent muscle movement. The DAXXIFY treatment procedure entails injecting a tiny amount of botulinum toxin to ease out the wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance.

The FDA has approved DAXXIFY specifically to treat glabellar lines, or frown lines on the forehead, which are upward-moving lines between the eyebrows that cause people to look stressed and aged. A DAXXIFY injection smoothens these lines, resulting in relaxed, youthful men.

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What Are the Potential Benefits of DAXXIFY Injection Treatment?

DAXXIFY treatment possesses several benefits, some of which include the—

  • Longevity of results compared to similar treatments, with the injections required only twice a year!
  • Prevention of further formation of wrinkles
  • Effective relief from stubborn aging symptoms, including severe forehead frown lines, crow’s feet, and deep wrinkles
  • Quick, comfortable, and negligibly invasive method of treatment

How Long Does a Typical DAXXIFY Injection Treatment Session Take?

To top everything else, DAXXIFY is time effective as well. Completion of the entire procedure takes only about ten to fifteen minutes!

The process follows the steps –

  • The sites of the injection are cleaned before treatment.
  • A mild anesthetic or numbing cream may be applied depending on the patient’s preferences.  The mild, pinching sensation of the injection is tolerable, however, for most patients, even without topical anesthesia. DAXXIFY treatments are tailored to each person’s needs, but the injections are usually delivered near the areas where crow’s feet develop, such as the area between the eyebrows and above the eyebrows.
  • Post-treatment care and follow-ups are important. Your dermatologist may schedule a follow-up session within a few weeks or a month to check whether you are experiencing optimum results from the treatment. You may also have to visit them four to five months after receiving the treatment to ensure its longevity.

Just search for ‘DAXXIFY injection near me’ to learn more about the specificities of this treatment.

How Does the DAXXIFY Injection Treatment Compare to Other Available Treatments for the Same Condition?

As mentioned before, DAXXIFY is a much longer-lasting treatment than its competitors. Moreover, DAXXIFY is the pioneering botulinum toxin injectable treatment composed of a synthetic, proprietary Peptide Exchange Technology. This means that it does not contain any animal or human products.

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Are There Any Side Effects Associated with DAXXIFY Injection Treatment?

As Daxxify is FDA-Approved, it can be considered quite safe for use. However, as with any and every treatment, possible side effects exist. But the side effects of DAXXIFY are mostly mild and manageable. Most common side effects will actually heal on their own as the body adjusts to the treatment.

Some common side effects may include:

  • Headache
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Pain or bruising at the site of injection
  • Dry eye
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Frozen facial features


Why Does DAXXIFY® Have a Peptide?

A separate component is required in all frown line treatments to stabilize botulinum toxin A, the essential component for reducing frown lines. Some treatments usually have a blood component or an animal component as the stabilizer. DAXXIFY is revolutionary because it uses a novel peptide as a stabilizer, therefore not requiring any animal or human products in treatment.


DAXXIFY is an FDA-Approved treatment and, therefore, safe. However, possible side effects exist, just like every other form of medication. Hence, make sure to consult your dermatologist before proceeding with the treatment.

How Long Has Botulinum Toxin Type a Been Used in Facial Aesthetics?

It has been about 20 years since botulinum toxin type A was declared safe for use in facial aesthetics.

How Often Will I Need to Get DAXXIFY®?

DAXXIFY is a long-lasting treatment. Typically, you have to appear for just around two follow-up treatments in a year.

Consult the Youth Fountain for Queries on Daxxify!

The Youth Fountain is suitable for getting the best skin care treatment in Freehold, NJ. If you have any queries regarding DAXXIFY injection treatment, DAXXIFY injection cost, or pre-and post-treatment care, do not hesitate to contact us today! Allow our team of aestheticians to ease your voyage with the elixir of youth.

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