truSculpt3D ™

System is the latest in non-invasive radio frequency (RF) technology in New Jersey. The truSculpt3D ™ allows for deep heating of the fatty tissue beneath the skin, which encourages the body to reabsorb those pockets of fat and/or cellulite, giving you a smoother more contoured look. truSculpt3D™ can be used with equal effectiveness on men or women and can be used on numerous areas of the body. Some of the more common areas of treatment include the submental region (under the chin), abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and back.

Can truSculpt3D ™ be used on all skin types?

Yes, truSculpt3D ™ can be used on all skin types. Some lasers are very pigment-sensitive and so cannot safely be used on patients with darker skin (it risks burning the patient). That is not the case with The Cutera truSculpt3D ™ system which operates using radio frequency technology as opposed to laser light technology

How long does a treatment take?

The truSculpt3D ™ treatments typically take less than 60 minutes.

How many truSculpt3D™ treatments will there be?

Dr. Shakov will sit with you during your initial consultation to determine what results you can reasonably expect. It will be during that consultation that the number of treatments will be discussed. Treatments are normally spaced 4 weeks apart and most patients need around 3 treatments.

What Do I Need To Do Before A Treatment?

Dr. Shakov asks that you remove all your body piercings/body jewelry before the treatment. No special diet is needed.

Dr. Shakov will identify with you the specific areas of the body to be treated. After a brief pre-treatment preparation, the truSculpt3D ™ handpiece will be applied to your skin and it will deliver a pulse of RF energy while the handpiece is moved around each section in 15 minute block times.

truSculpt3D ™ was designed to be comfortable. The temperature can be adjusted depending upon your comfort level. Our patients typically describe it feeling similar to a hot stone massage.

Yes! The Youth Fountain has several patients that come in for the procedure and return to work immediately after

The truSculpt3D ™ system is designed to provide a safe and comfortable procedure experience. Typically, there is no downtime after the treatment though patients may experience mild discomfort. Side effects can include redness, sweating, and tenderness in the treated areas. Usually this resolves within a few hours but may last several days to a few weeks. Your practitioner will talk to you more about what to expect during and after treatment when you meet for your consultation.

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